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My Journey

I stepped into the world of yoga and there was no turning back.


 My passion for movement started as a dancer. I loved the expression of emotion without words. Little did I know how important that would be.  After graduating from the High School for Performing and Visual Arts in Texas, I joined a production company based out of Seattle and toured with them for 11 years. I worked my way up to line captain, assistant choreographer and eventually went on to choreograph my own shows. The shows allowed me to travel to fun exciting places while meeting interesting, wonderful people. Places like Bermuda, St. Thomas, Canada, & Lucaya Beach. When I decided to start a family the next chapter was teaching. And teach I did for 17 years. The rewards were amazing and selfless. The opportunity to give kids the avenue to express themselves without using words was priceless. Something I was very familiar with (more on that later.) I went on to open my own dance studio which I owned and operated for 6 years before passing the torch to another. The drama was not for me.  

I fell in love with yoga and the connection of movement with intention. The  love was instant. The marriage of movement and soul was inspiring. The breath (pranayama) and meditation were calming tools to help with my vocal spasms-Spasmodic Dysphonia. After years of struggling with Spasmodic Dysphonia-a vocal condition which spasms the vocal chords-I pushed past my fear and found my inner strength. I used to feel isolated, alone, filled with anxiety every time I spoke. Wanting so badly for others to not base their opinion strictly on how they hear my speech but, to dig deeper into who I am. I decided to not let it stop me…… “Do it through the fear” became my mantra! We are all so much more than our fears that we keep hidden in the corners of our spirit. I am obsessed with guiding others to expose their authentic self. Flaws and all!! After years of not speaking on the phone, not going to drive thru windows, and not standing up for myself,  I am now unapologetic for my voice, for my opinion, for the space I take up and what I have to say.

I am known in my yoga class for creative sequencing with an inspirational vibe. People often refer to me as kind and a good listener. I love helping others find THEIR voice. Not their literal speech but, that inner voice-the bigger picture person. I am passionate about community and collaboration-offering workshops, retreats, and a Mindful Movement Yoga Festival in hopes of connecting. How can we support each other? How can we lift each other up and be heard? You can usually find me taking my dog to the park, on the computer organizing new ways to connect, loving my boys, and meditating.

I am 200 hour Yoga Certified; Meditation Certified “Awaken to Stillness”; Reiki Certified Master.

 “Please join me on my journey and we can grow together.

Let’s do it through the fear!”


Sheila is a lifeline to sanity through yoga.  Her virtual classes feel like being in the studio and make me feel calm and peaceful. I am so happy that she's offering the virtual classes, and even though we're not in the same room, I feel like she's talking to me (actually, once I think she really was).  


One great thing about Sheila is that she always offers modifications so students can participate even if they're unable to do some poses.  She is also very specific in describing the steps to get into the pose, and she allows time to get there. 


I always enjoy Sheila's sense of humor and warm smile, especially in these crazy times, and I always look forward to her classes.

Your YouTube sessions were so helpful to me during quarantine and I really appreciate everything you continue to do for this yoga community ❤ Cheers!

For the 25 years that I have known Sheila, she has always been a woman of determination, dedication and discipline. Earlier on in my career there were very few women I wanted to emulate. Sheila was a wow factor in a dynamic package-beautiful inside as much as outside. She was always genuine, kind, patient and had a wonderful sense of humor. As an entertainer she commanded the stage and as dance captain, well, let’s just say everyone wanted to get it right because they respected her, wanted to make her happy and did not want to let her down. Her happiness and joy on and off the stage, was a delight to witness, as I never remembered her having an off or bad day! Sheila is always smiling and is encouraging to everyone she meets.
I wish I lived closer to her studio, because I would love to see her again and take her classes! Sheila I wish you all the best and continued success in this chapter of your life!

-Carol Ann Maurer
Past Director: Memorial Hermann Memorial City Hospital Medical Center

Sheila is an incredible yoga instructor! She's caring and extremely knowledgeable. I have been part of Sheila's Gentle Yoga class for about a year. I look forward to Sheila's class weekly, because I know I'm going to have a wonderful time and feel relaxed when class is over. Namaste!

I have taken yoga classes for over a year with Sheila both in a studio as well as in her home.  Sheila has a natural calming presence that promotes relaxation. Her non-judgmental style allows you to focus on your inner self while stretching and strengthening your body.  Recently, I had the pleasure of taking a private session with Sheila that incorporated yoga, reiki, and a guided meditation.  It was truly a slice of heaven!  I felt the stress leave my body while I gained a sense of peace and calmness. It was the perfect way to "let go" and release tension that built up in my body and my mind.  I plan to take more private sessions with Sheila as a way to recharge my inner self as well as release stress that builds up in my muscles.    A session with Sheila is the perfect way take care of yourself.  Namaste.
-Kristen J

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